New study finds self-help books help ‘treat depression’

A new study featured on the BBC website suggests that prescribing self-help books on the NHS is an effective treatment for depression.

Patients offered books, plus sessions guiding them in how to use them, had lower levels of depression a year later than those offered usual GP care. The effect was seen in addition to the benefits of other treatments such as antidepressants, according to the Scottish researchers’ report in the journal Plos One.

More than 200 patients who had been diagnosed with depression by their GP took part in the study, half of whom were also on antidepressant drugs. Some were provided with a self-help guide dealing with different aspects of depression, such as being assertive or overcoming sleep problems.

Patients also had three sessions with an adviser who helped them get the most out of the books and plan what changes to make.

After four months, those who had been prescribed the self-help books had significantly lower levels of depression than those who received usual GP care.

The NHS have published a report in response to the findings, we can be viewed at the following link: Self-Help Books Help Treat Depression

The Mind Sanctuary has an online bookshop, where we provide links to books and resources that may help people to manage their mental and emotional health and wellbeing. And Suffolk Libraries also provides a mental health and wellbeing reading list.

Journaling is also an approach that can allow you the time and space to clear your mind your thoughts, feelings and ideas transfer to paper. Read our article on journaling.

We’d love to hear your comments about the books that have helped and inspired you on your journey..

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  1. Mike98ctg
    February 25, 2013 | 12:29 am

    Check out “The Nature of Life” by Anton Glotser, it’s the best self-help book out there

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