Yoga for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

Yoga is gradually gaining recognition as a therapeutic approach that can help people to manage stress levels and overcome mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. But how does it work? What research is there to support the impact yoga can have on the brain? And how do you go about adopting yoga as a therapeutic tool.

yoga for mental health

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Leading the Way in Mind-Body Therapy for Mental Health

When it comes to Yoga and its therapeutic benefits for mental health issues, there are few who are more informed than Heather Mason.  With an MA in Psychotherapy, a further MA in Buddhist Studies, an ongoing MSc in Neuroscience, plus qualifications as a yoga therapist and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) facilitor, Heather has an exceptional background that straddles the worlds of holistic therapy and science.

Following her own journey through depression and anxiety and subsequent studies Heather went on to form The Minded Institute, an organisation dedicated to leading the development and implementation of yoga therapy and mindfulness programs for mental health. Focusing on the four approaches of yoga therapy, mindfulness, neuroscience and psychotherapeutic support, The Minded Institute offer private instruction, workshops, lectures, professional training and conduct research.  Courses take place in London and Boston, though they are also developing online programs and CDs.

Below are some links to areas of The Minded Instiute website that you may find useful/informative.

How Yoga Can Change Your Brain

Yoga Therapy Mental Health Research

Online Clips and Tips

Heather’s personal journey is inspiring and provides greater insight into how her work developed. You can watch video interviews of her life story on youtube at the following link:

Heather Mason – Yoga for The Mind – Life Story


If you’d like to attend a local yoga class, check out our directory of yoga teachers.

If you’re a yoga teacher and would like to be included on the directory, it’s free, simply complete the online application form.


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