A Diverse Collection of Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Articles

The Mind Sanctuary website is constantly updated with articles written by people who have experienced problems with their mental health, or by professional therapists and mental health services. ┬áTo help you navigate the growing bank of inspiration and information contained within The Mind Sanctuary website, I’ve categorised the articles into the following groups:

Inspirational Stories

Articles written by people who have experienced problems with their mental health, but are in a better place now. What helped them and do they have any valuable lessons to share?

What’s the problem?

Articles which focus on specific problems such as stress, motivation, insomnia and so on. A diverse range of therapists from varying schools of thought contribute their perspectives on different challenges to help you determine an approach or solution that suits you. Hear what counsellors, life coaches, yoga teachers, shamans, peers and hypnotherapists have to say about the same challenges.

Therapy in focus

There are many different approaches available to help you find peace of mind. In this section which focus on a particular approach. What is it exactly? How does it work? Is there are evidence to support it? Are there any governing bodies and what should you look for when choosing a therapist.

Featured Services

Editorial profiles of local services and those that are available online. Get to know more about a particular therapist or service before approaching them – learn how they work, what governing bodies they are members of and what their approach is.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Work plays such a huge role in our lives and the topic of wellbeing in the workplace is so diverse, that I felt this warranted a category all on it’s own. Read a collection of articles exploring ways of improving wellbeing in the workplace from both an employee and employer perspective.

Social & Emotional Wellbeing of Children

Articles looking at the social and emotional wellbeing of children and wellbeing in schools.

Exploring Mental Health

Articles exploring the massive subject that is “MENTAL HEALTH”. What is mental health exactly? What is recovery? What causes mental health problems? These articles offer exploratives perspectives on a complicated subject. Join us in “chewing the fat” on mental health.

Personal Ponderings

Some of my own personal ramblings about my experiences and thoughts that don’t really fit into any of the other categories!!

I hope you find the information and inspiration that you are looking for, if not, please do let us know and we will try to include your needs in our future content plans.

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