The Team

The Mind Sanctuary is rapidly becoming a popular resource for both members of the public AND wellbeing professionals.  To help drive the project forward, a team of business professionals contribute to the running and development of The Mind Sanctuary website – helping you to find the peace of mind you need, when you need it.

Tina Gibbons – Founder of The Mind Sanctuary

The Mind Sanctuary was founded by Tina Gibbons. Diagnosed with “potential” bipolar disorder several years ago, she was prescribed medication for around 3 years.  Advised that she was “too ill” to come off the medication without relapsing but “not ill enough” to warrant additional support, she desperately needed a place where she could find out what other therapies and treatment options were available. After paying for private therapy, she successfully came off medication and now uses a combination of natural approaches such as yoga, diet, mindfulness and lifestyle choices, to manage her mental health on an ongoing basis.

From her personal experience, Tina identified the need to connect a wide range of emotional wellbeing and mental health services across the public, voluntary and private sectors to create one emotional wellbeing community.  The Mind Sanctuary has been created to bridge the gap between clinical and holistic approaches whilst connecting you to therapists, services and activities that are available within your local community. It is a resource for you to turn to for information and inspiration, when you need it, empowering you to become a master of your own emotional wellbeing and mental health on an ongoing basis.

In her previous life Tina worked as a finance assistant in various large organisations, until she took time out to train as a PADI divemaster in 2003. In 2005 she launched her own successful community magazine, which she sold as a going concern in 2008. Having taken more time out to study underwater videography while also honing her social media, online publishing and copywriting skills, Tina eventually gave birth to the concept of The Mind Sanctuary, which represents the coming together of both her work and life experience.

Tina enjoys writing, speaking and commentating on all things relating to mental health.

Carol Magnus – Client Relationship & Business Development Manager

Carol Magnus supports client relationship and business development. Carol has a wealth of experience in both the mental health sector and in business/project management and strategy.  If you have any queries regarding joining The Mind Sanctuary Community or working in collaboration or partnership with The Mind Sanctuary please contact Carol on

Fen Bagias – Content Editor

Fen Bagias is a freelancer specialising in communications and PR. She has ten years’ experience working across the private, public and voluntary sectors, with a particular focus on health. She is passionate about work that integrates mind/body/spirit, modern day rites of passage and community development.

Fen drafts and edits content that is published via The Mind Sanctuary website and other communications channels, including the monthly newsletter. You can contact Fen on

“The Mind Sanctuary is playing a vital role in connecting people in Suffolk with information and professionals who can support them to manage their mental health and emotional wellbeing. I firmly believe it’s a resource that anyone can use to help them create a balanced, self-aware and fulfilling life.”




Helen Oldfield – PR Support

helen oldfield affinity prGetting seen and heard in all the right places without spending a fortune is a challenge all businesses face.  Helping us to come up with appropriate promotional campaigns that sit perfectly with the social aims of The Mind Sanctuary, is Helen Oldfield of Affinity PR.

With her extensive experience in PR, Helen has managed to build an address book and respected reputation that is the envy of most PR professionals.  Her wit, creativity, PR guidance and all round support has probably contributed significantly to you finding The Mind Sanctuary and reading this page.

When asked why she decided to voluntarily support The Mind Sanctuary, Helen replied:  “Why did I decide to support The Mind Sanctuary? Probably because I’m a sucker for start ups with attitude and class! But seriously, having come across the website by happy accident, the honesty of Tina’s blogs resonated very strongly with my own experiences. Initially I just called Tina to thank her for openly acknowledging the hardship that can face business partners and employers of people being treated for mental health and addiction issues. Tina’s empathy with all the users of The Mind Sanctuary and everyone affected by mental health issues is genuine. Our first meeting was bubbling with ideas and excitement, so clearly did we share the same goals and ambitions for The Mind Sanctuary nationwide. I feel really happy and proud that Affinity PR is supporting The Mind Sanctuary”.

Sally Denn – Business Coaching & Guidance Through Change

business coaching suffolkTo understand Sally’s role with The Mind Sanctuary you need to know a little about the growth of The Mind Sanctuary.  Tina initially launched The Mind Sanctuary in June 2010 as a platform to offer inspiration and hope to anyone who may be experiencing difficulty with their emotional or mental wellbeing.  A few months later she secured a small amount of funding to launch the Directory of Therapists and Mental Health Services, and since then it has been a whirl wind of growth, change and ideas.  Sally Denn of Red Elephant Coaching, stepped in to support Tina through this process of change and growth during April 2011.

Her challenging questions help Tina to establish the direction she wants to steer The Mind Sanctuary in and her toolbox of tips and techniques helps Tina to ride the wave of growth and change with ease and confidence.

When asked why she decided to voluntarily support The Mind Sanctuary, Sally replied: “When I heard the concept of the Mind Sanctuary I knew how big a project it could become and wanted to get involved. Tina’s inspiring concept has the ability to change the world and I want to be a part of that in whatever way I can be.”

Ross Dean – Photographer

ross dean photography suffolkSee that photo of Tina at the top of the page? Ross took that!

Every enterprise needs to call in a photographer every now and again, whether that be for profile photos or to capture images that represent stories or campaigns.  Ross Dean, a photographer based in Ipswich, offered his voluntary support back in April 2011 when he suspected that Tina may need some publicity photographs.  He has kindly agreed to make himself available to support The Mind Sanctuary on an ongoing basis, helping us to accumulate the images we need to promote the website and raise awareness of mental health issues.

When asked why he decided to support The Mind Sanctuary, Ross replied:  “It’s truly an honour to be associated with ‘The Mind Sanctuary’.  After experiencing first hand the benefits of professional support and guidance at challenging times in our lives, organisations like The Mind Sactuary really do make a difference..”

Check out the portfolio of work on his website: Ross Dean Photography

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