How Are We Funded?

Our vision for The Mind Sanctuary is to create a resource that is financially sustainable in the long term and not dependent on funding.

To achieve this we ask all therapists and services that are included on The Mind Sanctuary Directory to contribute financially.  Rather than each therapist or organisation spending money independently in order to raise awareness of the service they offer, our vision is to create one central hub where people can find the support they need on an ongoing basis.  The pooled resources and knowledge of wellbeing professionals and local services has the potential to create a much greater impact on the emotional wellbeing and mental health of the public, than if each organisation or sole therapist is independently jumping up and down trying to attract attention and raise awareness.

To find out more about joining The Mind Sanctuary and taking a listing on the Directory, please view the online media pack.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We also offer sponsorship opportunities for corporations or organisations who do not provide wellbeing services.  If you would like to support The Mind Sanctuary or explore ways in which The Mind Sanctuary can support the wellbeing of your staff, please contact Tina to discuss.

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