Core Beliefs of The Mind Sanctuary

Tina Gibbons, founder of The Mind Sanctuary, took medication for her mental health for approximately three years.  She believes there is a place for medication, psychological therapies AND holistic therapies, when it comes to treatment for mental health issues.  The Mind Sanctuary website is not in support of one approach over another, but aims to bridge the gap between clinical and holistic approaches, bringing the public sector, voluntary sector and private wellbeing practitioners together under one central umbrella.  Central to the running of the website are the following core beliefs:

  • Everyone needs to look after their mental health in the same way they look after their physical health
  • There is no single miracle cure that suits everyone when it comes to depression, stress, anxiety or other more severe mental health problems
  • Each of you ought to have access to the opportunities and support you need to find your own way to peace of mind using approaches that feel right for you.
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